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Chris Grayling

Chris Grayling’s parliamentary career has not been an unqualified success.

As Justice Secretary, Grayling part-privatised the probation system, banned books for prisoners, presided over sweeping legal aid cuts, and introduced court fees that were accused of making innocent people plead guilty. All these policies were scrapped or changed after Grayling left the post.

As Minister of Transport, Chris Grayling was forced to bring the East Coast Main Line back under public control at enormous cost, oversaw the botched change in railway timetables in Spring 2018, and failed to introduce legislation that could have prevented the drone crisis at Gatwick airport last Christmas.

Most famously, he handed a ferry contract to a firm with no ferries, yet he still couldn’t get Epsom station into Zone 6. And we haven’t even mentioned the “training” deal with Saudi Arabia, or “workfare”, or the years of misery for Southern Rail passengers.

When Johnson became Prime Minister, Chris Grayling finally resigned from the Government before he could be sacked. Labour calculates that Grayling has cost the British taxpayer in the region of £2.7 billion – others estimate a higher figure.

Locally, Chris Grayling has spent years working against plans put forward by the Chief Executive of Epsom Hospital.

The only reason we now have a new acute services hospital agreed for the future, funded by government, is because he didn’t win his argument.

His latest bright idea is to add housing on the Kiln Lane and Longmead industrial estates, despite expert advice that this is not viable.

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