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Some good questions for the conservatives to answer

Posted by Steve Gee on Friday 2 June 2017


  • 1. Why are the Conservatives insisting on a Brexit negotiation strategy that will automatically prevent access to the vital EU Schengen Information System – used 16 times a second by UK police forces to track terrorists and criminals?
  • 2. Why has only one individual out of hundreds who have travelled to fight for ISIS in Syria been subject to the Temporary Exclusion Order powers introduced by the Coalition?
  • 3. How will the Conservatives ‘ban encryption’ without weakening internet banking security for millions of British citizens?


  • 4. How many children will lose their free school lunches?
  • 5. How much money will the Conservatives spend on providing free school breakfasts instead of lunches?
  • 6. Exactly how much money will the Conservatives give to schools to plug the hole in their budgets, and why is their pledge unfunded?

Health and social care

  • 7. How many people risk losing their house as a result of their social care policy?
  • 8. At what level will losses be capped for people with long-term degenerative conditions like dementia?
  • 9. How will the NHS cope with the loss of 26,000 EU staff who are planning to leave because of Brexit?


  • 10. How many people will lose their winter fuel payments?
  • 11. How many lives will be lost as a result?
  • 12. Will the coldest areas of England and Wales be exempted, as Scotland has been?

How will they pay for their manifesto policies?

  • 13. Why should anyone vote for a manifesto without costings?
  • 14. How many billions will be lost to the public finances as a result of the Conservatives’ plan to reduce net immigration to the tens of thousands?
  • 15. How much will they raise taxes and national insurance by in order to pay for their pledges?

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Steve Gee – ready for the snap General Election

Posted by Steve Gee on Tuesday 9 May 2017

Steve Gee 19

Steve Gee

Epsom & Ewell Lib Dems have confirmed me as their 2017 parliamentary candidate.

The Epsom & Ewell seat at Westminster covers a larger area than the borough of Epsom & Ewell, but the neighbouring parties covering Ashtead and the Nork & Tattenhams area have agreed.

I will be fighting against Hard Brexit and in favour of continued access to the customs union and the EEA single market, to protect the economy and jobs. Above all, I will campaign for the British people to be given the final say on any deal.

I will also fight to protect the rights of EU citizens currently living in the UK and for the rights of those UK citizens who currently live elsewhere in the EU.

The Liberal Democrats will be fighting for an open, tolerant and united Britain, promoting distinctive Liberal Democrat policies on Schools, Social Care and the NHS in the light of Tory austerity cuts and broken promises.

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Another spurt of growth in our numbers

Posted by Steve Gee on Friday 1 July 2016

Amidst all the dis-belief and horror at the Referendum result, one very marked if surprising feature has been another enormous spurt in Lib Dem membership.

It seems that the shock has spurred a whole new wave of forward-looking young people to stand up and be counted, in a variety of ways, through demonstrations and meetings – and also more practically by taking the plunge and committing their support as Lib Dem party members.

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“Self-inflicted wound”

Posted by Steve Gee on Friday 24 June 2016

Tim Farron has said that this “self-inflicted wound” will be David Cameron’s legacy as he commented on the Prime Minister’s resignation.

12 months ago David Cameron had the best result of his career. Today, the worst.

I was honoured to share a platform with the Prime Minster on this campaign, but this result, this self-inflicted wound, will be his legacy.

There have been many things I did not agree with the Prime Minister on, but I must thank him for his stewardship of the country and for the way he took the very bold decision to create a Coalition Government in 2010. It was an incredible act of bi-partisan cooperation.

The result of the referendum has left him with no choice. In this immediate period, the Government must act quickly to steady the economy, reassure the markets, and immediately set a new course.

Greater instability will lead to job uncertainty, falling investment, and greater pressure on public services.

There is no doubt this is going to be an incredibly testing, difficult and fractious time.

David Cameron has become the latest Conservative leader to fall victim to his party’s dangerous obsession with Europe. The Conservatives’ political maneuvering has taken our country to the brink, and today we have toppled over the edge.

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EU Referendum – Vote Remain IN the EU

Posted by Steve Gee on Sunday 19 June 2016

Referendum IN standCampaigning was suspended this weekend, in tribute to murdered Labour MP Jo Cox.

This photo shows the Lib Dem stall in Epsom earlier in the campaign.

You can download our EU campaign leaflet here.

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