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General Election

Thinking of voting Labour? Study this graph:

Posted by Steve Gee on Monday 5 June 2017

[From The Economist quoting data from IFS.]


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The middle has fallen out of British politics

Posted by Steve Gee on Friday 2 June 2017

The leaders of both main parties have turned away from a decades-old vision of an open, liberal country The Economist

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Some good questions for the conservatives to answer

Posted by Steve Gee on Friday 2 June 2017


  • 1. Why are the Conservatives insisting on a Brexit negotiation strategy that will automatically prevent access to the vital EU Schengen Information System – used 16 times a second by UK police forces to track terrorists and criminals?
  • 2. Why has only one individual out of hundreds who have travelled to fight for ISIS in Syria been subject to the Temporary Exclusion Order powers introduced by the Coalition?
  • 3. How will the Conservatives ‘ban encryption’ without weakening internet banking security for millions of British citizens?


  • 4. How many children will lose their free school lunches?
  • 5. How much money will the Conservatives spend on providing free school breakfasts instead of lunches?
  • 6. Exactly how much money will the Conservatives give to schools to plug the hole in their budgets, and why is their pledge unfunded?

Health and social care

  • 7. How many people risk losing their house as a result of their social care policy?
  • 8. At what level will losses be capped for people with long-term degenerative conditions like dementia?
  • 9. How will the NHS cope with the loss of 26,000 EU staff who are planning to leave because of Brexit?


  • 10. How many people will lose their winter fuel payments?
  • 11. How many lives will be lost as a result?
  • 12. Will the coldest areas of England and Wales be exempted, as Scotland has been?

How will they pay for their manifesto policies?

  • 13. Why should anyone vote for a manifesto without costings?
  • 14. How many billions will be lost to the public finances as a result of the Conservatives’ plan to reduce net immigration to the tens of thousands?
  • 15. How much will they raise taxes and national insurance by in order to pay for their pledges?

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Election Hustings “Question Time” re-scheduled

Posted by Steve Gee on Thursday 25 May 2017

Question MarkThe General Election hustings “Question Time” postponed due the Manchester terror attack has now been rescheduled.

It will now be at St Martin’s church, Church Street, Epsom KT17 5PX (NOT St Paul’s), at 8.00 pm to 9.30 pm on Tuesday 6 June.

Churches Together, Epsom and Ewell, are inviting everyone to join them for a lively event with our General Election candidates, chaired by Rev Chris Hancock.

Please note there is no on-site parking. However there are council car parks further down Church Street,

St Paul’s have also expressed thanks to all those who came to pray for Manchester and our nation.

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Lib Dems would give Surrey Police an extra £3.6 million a year

Posted by Steve Gee on Friday 19 May 2017

The Liberal Democrats have announced that we would boost investment in police forces by £300 million a year. This is in stark contrast to the Conservatives, who have overseen devastating cuts to community policing. Theresa May, as Home Secretary, and now Prime Minister, has cut policing budgets by over £2 billion, eroding the very fabric of community policing.

Under the Lib Dems, Surrey Police would see a funding increase of £3,630,000 a year. This could be used to restore a visible policing presence in the community and ensure that the police have the training and tools to deal with the changing nature of crime.

This investment in our police force is absolutely vital. Under Theresa May, both as Home Secretary and as Prime Minister, our police have had to deal with the most brutal of cuts. These are now cutting to the bone.

The police work tirelessly to keep us safe and this Government have completely betrayed them. Our councillors know first-hand just how weak the local police team now is. We all know they are no longer out and about in the community.

Only the Lib Dems have a credible plan to reverse the increase in violent crime, boost community confidence and ensure the police have the resources they need to keep us safe.

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Apprentice training

Posted by Steve Gee on Wednesday 17 May 2017

Tim Farron with apprentices

We need to grow the country’s skills base, especially in the technologies and industries that are most important to Britain’s economic future. We want it to become the norm for businesses to take on and train up young people as apprentices in every sector of our economy, and for higher-level apprenticeships to be understood as a respected alternative to university education.

We will:

  • Aim to double the number of businesses which hire apprentices, including by extending apprenticeships to new sectors of our economy such as creative and digital industries.
  • Develop national colleges as national centres of expertise for key sectors, such as renewable energy, to deliver the high-level vocational skills that businesses need.
  • Work with the Apprenticeship Advisory Group to increase the number of apprentices from BAME backgrounds, ensure gender balance across industry sectors and encourage under-represented groups to apply.
  • Ensure that all the receipts from the Apprenticeship Levy in England are spent on training, aiming to fund a wider range of types of training.

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Lib Dem General Election Manifesto 2017 published

Posted by Steve Gee on Wednesday 17 May 2017

The Lib Dem General Election Manifesto 2017 was published this morning.

Read the full contents here.

At a glance:

Tim Farron

1. Standing up for Britain’s place in Europe

The choices Theresa May is making will affect your life – your job, your weekly shop, your environment, your safety – for decades. That’s why we think you should have the final say, via a referendum, on any Brexit deal.

And if you don’t like how the deal shapes up, you should have the choice to remain in the EU.

2. Proper funding for our NHS and social care

Our National Health Service is on the brink of collapse and Theresa May doesn’t care.

The Lib Dems will save the NHS from crisis.

We will spend 1p in the pound of Income Tax on NHS and social care services, prioritising mental health care and limiting care costs for the elderly.

Tim Farron

3. Equality in education

Conservative school cuts mean that children’s chances are too often determined by their parents’ income.

We will support our young people by investing an extra £7.5bn in education, by opposing new grammar schools, and by ensuring that per-pupil budgets grow if class sizes do.

4. A prosperous and fair economy

Britain needs an economy that creates jobs and opportunities.

We will boost the economy with a major programme of capital investment aimed at stimulating growth across the UK.

We’ll also double innovation and research spending, ensuring Britain is a global business leader, now and in the future.

Tim Farron

5. A green Britain

Climate change and air pollution threaten our future.

We will invest to find new ways to protect the planet and boost the economy at the same time.

We will prevent 40,000 premature deaths a year by cutting air pollution and more than double the production of green electricity to 60% by 2030.

6. Standing up for families and communities

We believe that society as a whole is better when families flourish economically and socially.

We will reach a house-building target of 300,000 homes a year by 2022, extend free childcare to all two-year-olds, and reduce the price of bus travel for the 16 to 21 year olds by two-thirds.

Tim Farron

7. Standing up for human rights and justice

We believe that every person is entitled to the same opportunity to succeed in life.

We aim to reduce inequality, fight discrimination and protect freedom.

We will oppose any attempts to leave the European Convention on Human Rights and offer a sanctuary to 3000 unaccompanied refugee children by 2022.

8. An internationalist, progressive world

We will continue to work with our global partners to champion human rights, help the poorest people, and protect our citizens.

We will focus on fighting the rising tides of nationalism and isolationism, and suspending arms sales to countries with poor human rights records.

9. A fair, open electoral system

People should have power over their own lives and how their country is run. We would give 16- and 17-year-olds the right to vote in elections and referendums, and introduce proportional representation for Westminster and local elections.

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Abolishing the 1% pay cap

Posted by Steve Gee on Tuesday 16 May 2017

Tim Farron

The Lib Dems want to abolish the Conservatives’ pay cap on the public sector, which limits pay rises for nurses and teachers to 1% per year.

Party leader Tim Farron accused the Tories of treating health workers like dirt. Speaking to the Royal College of Nursing conference in Liverpool, Mr Farron said his party would give the health service the funding it needed by adding a penny to income tax in order to raise an extra £6 billion.

Promising to restore bursaries for student nurses, Mr Farron said that some nurses had been forced to use food banks. He went on: “And you find a prime minister who thinks that’s somehow not an issue, it feeds into a narrative of this Conservative government treating nurses like dirt and I will not have it.”

The end of pay restraint would result in an average additional pay rise of £779 for hospital staff by 2021, whereas if the Tories’ pay cap remains,  a new nurse will be £530 a year worse off by 2021, thanks to rising inflation, while a primary school teacher would lose £550 and an army sergeant £830.

Vince Cable

Former business secretary Sir Vince Cable said: “Public sector workers are facing a double blow at the hands of this Conservative government, with years of pitiful increases to pay combined with a Brexit squeeze caused by soaring inflation.

“Our NHS and schools are already struggling to recruit the staff they need. Living standards are falling, prices are rising and nurses are going to food banks – but Theresa May doesn’t care.

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Helping small businesses to grow

Posted by Steve Gee on Tuesday 16 May 2017

Steve Gee

Steve Gee

By pursuing a so-called “hard Brexit”, in which the UK would leave the EU’s single market and customs union, the Conservatives have lost the right to call themselves the party of business.

Unlike Labour and the Conservatives, we would stay in the single market. The Conservatives have lost the right to call themselves the party of business. The Liberal Democrats are now.

While the Conservatives focus on giving tax cuts to giant corporations, our focus is on small businesses seeking to grow.

A Lib Dem government would expand the state-owned British Business Bank to make it easier for firms to borrow. It would also review the system of business rates in England and Wales, whose revaluation earlier this year angered many businesses which were left facing bill rises of more than £1,000.

Many firms are struggling to borrow to invest and that is suffocating an economy being propped up on consumer spending.

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Lib Dems’ penny for NHS would raise over £124 million extra for Surrey

Posted by Steve Gee on Friday 12 May 2017

The Lib Dems have announced we would plug funding gaps for the NHS and social care by putting a penny on income tax, in our first major manifesto commitment of the General Election campaign.

The tax would raise an additional £124.7 million for Surrey, with £76 million for the NHS and £48.7 million for social care each year.

This is the party’s flagship spending commitment and its first major policy announcement for the election.  The Lib Dems manifesto will also set out a ‘five-point recovery plan’ for NHS and social care services in the manifesto.

At least 70% of Brits would happily pay an extra 1p in every pound if that money was guaranteed to go to the NHS, an ITV poll found last October.

Right across Surrey we are seeing patients lying on trolleys in hospital corridors, urgent operations being cancelled and the elderly being denied the care they need.  The Lib Dems are prepared to be honest with people and say that to secure the future of the NHS we will all need to chip in a little more.

A penny in the pound would allow us to invest in improving local NHS services and ensuring the elderly receive the care they deserve.  This Conservative Government has left our health and care services chronically underfunded – and while the crisis gets worse they just do not seem to care.  We cannot continue asking the system to deliver more and more, without giving it the resources to do so.

The NHS was once the envy of the world and this pledge is the first step in restoring it to where it should be.  A penny in the pound to save the NHS is money well spent in our view.  However, simply providing more money on its own is not enough and that is why this is just the first step in our plan to protect health and care services in the long term.

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